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Moomba Studios also offers an intensive audio learning experience that will teach you the ins and outs of audio recording and audio production including arranging, tracking, overdubbing, mixing and mastering. Learn hands on how to become a master producer by creating, shaping and molding a piece of music in accordance with the producer’s and artist’s vision for the project. You will master the technique of layering guitar tracks to achieve the sound heard on countless # 1 hits. This will all be done working side by side with music producer and audio engineer Michael Patzig on actual projects in a professional music recording studio.

The studio is booked daily by both major and independent recording artists and management companies giving you the chance to record and work with the same microphones and gear used in studios all over the world. (Pro Tools HD workstation, Neve and API Preamps)

All instructional sessions are “one-on-one” with music producer and audio engineer Michael Patzig. You’ll be working in the control room of a professional recording studio with a seasoned veteran in the music industry. You’re experience will be life changing!

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